We, Thrie Malee Jewellers is committed to being a competitive stakeholder in the local and international market by designing, crafting, and reasonably selling high-quality jewellery in line with the interest of our stakeholders and the requirement of our customers and satisfying them following a procedure adherent to all the laws and regulations.


Unparalleled Jewellery Designs.


Providing high, precious, latest, and exquisite pieces of jewellery to our customers.


High-quality jewellery with reasonable prices.
In 1980's

The foundation of Thrie malee Jewelers

Family Jewellery business was established by Late Mr. Gomes Rajasekera in the 1930s & commenced the sale of gold Jewellery engraved with diamonds in Negombo. Later his son, Mr. Ebert Rajasekera established a gold workshop with five craftsmen in 1974 and it was further successful until “Malee Jewellers” was established in Nittambuwa in 1980. In 1992, Mr. Ebert Rajasekera founded “Thrie Malee Gold House” at No. 594/1, Kandy Road, Nittambuwa.

Son of Mr. Ebert Rajasekera, Mr. Kasun Rajasekera joined the business in 2008 & able to oversee the lucrative business plan which helped to gain status & recognition in the industry. In 2016 Mr. Ebert Rajasekera decided to happily retire from a 42-year-old business career by handing over, all responsibility to his eldest son Mr. Kasun Rajasekera.

Profession by Management Consultant & Chairman of a well-established business Mr. Kasun Rajasekera introduced internal & external changes to Thrie Malee Jewellers to gain remarkable success in the Jewellery industry. His outstanding introduction was Ultra-Modern Showroom Concept in the year 2017 & the project was successfully completed within a short period of 3 months.

In 2019 Thrie Malee Jewellers received global recognition by receiving “ISO 9001:2015 Certified Jeweller for Manufacturing & Selling of Gold Jewellery”. This achievement was recognized as the 1st Gold Jeweller to received ISO 9001:2015 Certificate for Manufacturing & Selling of Gold Jewellery in South Asia. Thrie Malee Jewellers has passed all internal & external ISO Audits, Tests & Inspections consecutively for 2 years. This entrusted recognition empowers Thrie Malee Jewellers to serve customers significantly.

In 1990's

Message from the Founder

The Jewellery industry which dates back a long history is increasingly popular across the globe. Even in Sri Lanka, the craftsmen in this industry have played a significant role in the economic growth of this country. But the scarcity of skilled artisans is not a secret.

Thrie Malee Jewellers also a proud stakeholder in Jewellery Industry in Sri Lanks. Even though this is an ancient industry with a long history, by now it has mingled with the latest technology and created multiple career opportunities in the field.

Thrie Malee Jewellers, founded in such an environment in 1974 has rendered a yeoman service for the promotion of this field aiming at preserving the local gold Jewellery industry.
My wish for the artisans in this field to have the strength and courage to maintain that contribution in the years to come.

Ebert Rajasekera
Founder – Thrie Malee Jewellers


In 2020's

Message from the Chairman

Thrie Malee Jewellers is a well-established gold jeweller for over a period of 5 decades. We have won many hearts for the passion, culture & trust we have earned from people across Sri Lanka and International.

Thrie Malee Jewellers is a “Customer-Oriented Jeweller”. Our goal is to give every customer much more than what he/she asks for in terms of Unparalleled Jewelry Designs, Quality, Selection & Value for High- Quality Jewelry with reasonable prices, and Customer Service. To accomplish our customer’s requirements we will study tastes, preferences & innovating constantly. We also provide high, precious, latest, and exquisite & unmatched Jewellery to our customers.

Our gold jewelry is crafted by highly skilled traditional craftsmen along with stringent quality control measures & with modern technological expertise which creates perfection in the Jewellery. We have always worked with the best to endorse our brand at all levels.

Our own innovations transforming everyone’s dream & personality into jewelry, which spread happiness from it to all. As a highly reputed business organization in the country, we have pursued other pro-social objectives with several CSR projects.

Kasun Rajasekera
Chairman – Thrie Malee Jewellers


First time in South Asia and 1st Time in Sri Lanka, Thrie Malee Jewellers received ISO 9001:2015 Certification for Manufacturing & Selling.